Best HM Institute in India


Situated far from the madding crowd of the main city in an open area the institute welcomes you with its elegant appearance and warm ambiance that provide eco-friendly atmosphere to the students. The sprawling premises houses central library, auditorium, conference hall, canteen, health care centre and area for recreational activities. In a nutshell the entire campus of TBIHM personifies its aim to educate and inspire the students and enhance its reputation.

Well Equipped Laboratories
  • Housekeeping lab - good housekeeping is essential to ensure a clean, safe and pleasant work environment. Maintaining high standards of housekeeping also conveys a sense of professionalism to those who visit or work in our laboratory.
  • Training Kitchen lab - training kitchen is a place where we produce the future chefs of India. They are being given training to prepare Indian as well as continental dishes on the regular basis. The kitchen includes separate gas range for each twelve working table in addition to the all modern conveniences.
  • Front office training lab - The Front Office Training Lab is used for training students in all operational aspects of the Front Office. This includes Room Reservation, Registration, Guest Relations, Telephones, Cashiering, Guest Accounting, Revenue Management etc. The college has installed Software like Fidelio for computerised Front Office operations.


Classroom :

Fully digital & spacious classrooms, equipped with the latest audio-visual teaching aids and all have network connectivity to facilitate presentations which makes learning at TBIHM a world class experience.

Food Production Lab:

The food production areas has the following section :

  1. Basic Food Production Lab
  2. Advance Food Production Lab
  3. Bakery and confectionery section.

These all are equipped with modern tools both the section highlight in depth training of culinary art.

Basic Food Production Lab:

The Basic Food Production Lab of TBIHM denoted as Basic Kitchen. The Basic Food Production kitchen is equipped with latest equipment’s. This Lab is used to provide training to the students of 1st year in basic Continental and Indian cuisines.

Advance Food Production Lab :

The Advance Food Production Lab is used for teaching and training international cuisines to the final year students. The Advance Food Production Lab is the place where finishing touches are given to the budding Chefs.

Bakery & Confectionery

The Bakery & Confectionery department trains the students in the art of making yeast products, flour confectionery products, chocolates, cold and hot pudding in order to prepare them face the challenges of the industry has two separate Bakery labs for smooth practical of 1st year and 3rd year students.

Front office lab :

As the front office is known as the nerve centre of the hotel, the front office laboratory of the Institute is design to cater all the needs of providing training to the students. This training lab is designed to give a look of a 5 Star hotel reception & lobby area with bell Desk, world time clocks, GRE desk & connection with updated software enabled computers. Every details of front office dealing like Room Reservation, Registration, Guest Relations, Telephones, Cashiering, Guest Accounting, Revenue Management etc. are taught to the students.

Food And beverage service lab:

Mahatma Gandhi once said “we don’t believe in spirit which is inside the bottle but we believe in the spirit with which we welcome and serve to our foreign guests. Mock bar of the Institute is equipped to train the students regarding the service of various alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages and the preparation of various cocktails and mocktails.

TARUNA BIRLA INSTITUTE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT , Bhilwara has two training restaurant to trained the students in various aspects of F&B Service. The restaurants are designed to keeping in view of clearing basic fundamental to the students.Students are taught how to handle & supervise big events in hotel industry & corporate sectors. Students learn under the watchful eyes of the faculties in bar making International & National cocktails & mocktails and servicing of beverages are demonstrated perfectly.

Housekeeping Lab:

The Institute is equipped with the most modern automatic machines to train the students to provide clean and hygienic atmosphere. The model guest rooms with most modern facility are used provide hands on training to the students.The housekeeping lab is entirely designed to meet every need of guest with chambers maid trolley. Along with this lab also includes specialized areas like Laundry Operation & room management.

Computer Lab:

The computer lab is well equipped with the latest machines and modern software and Internet connectivity through LAN and WiFi, which enables the students to make use of the opportunity to update themselves with the current trends in the industry. TBIHM has its own computer learning outlet exclusively for the use of its students. The lab provides all round computing service for the students and is equipped with modern software, multimedia. The lab is well connected to internet and the students can explore cyberspace to gain valuable data & information.


As Library place a very important role for the overall academic development of students, therefore to provide the best facility to our students, the Institute has got of big & specious library equipped with best books, journals, and periodicals. The students, in case of any doubt can make use of the computer with internet facility in the library itself.

TBIHM Bhilwara has a splendid reference and lending library with over 18,000 books, reports, journals, periodicals.

Conference Hall :


An all day cafeteria ensures refreshments for busy minds along with television…….

Common Room

We think it is really important to find out a balance between study and relaxation. Taking part in the social events, entertainment, getting to know each other is also necessary. In TBIHM you are encouraged to make your decision with the support of our experienced teaching experts. So common room is the best place for all that.

Seminar Room :

Conveniently located in the campus and equipped with latest public addressing systems, LCD projectors, slide projectors and comfortable seats, the large auditorium is used for activities such as seminars, guest lectures, cultural activities, departmental functions and other events.

Experienced Faculty :

TBIHM is having dedicated team of highly qualified and trained faculties who with their extensive support bring the best of the personal guidance for the students.

Transportation :

TBIHM has introduced two deluxe Buses of its own to pick up and drop the students from hostels to Campus back to save time at affordable price. These facilities can be availed by day scholar Students as well.

Hostel :

The institute has separate hostel facility available for all admitted students in the 1st semester. Both the boys and girls hostels have all the modern facilities for a safe, secure and comfortable boarding along with healthy and hygienic food.

Text Book :

Students will be given a set of textbooks as prescribed by the assessing institution. Also sometimes students are required to purchase certain books for their reference at their cost.